For a whole week, Zhao Lidu repeated such a simple move, that is, he controlled his true qi and demonstrated his crazy rotation faster and faster.

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Fortunately, there is a residual qi of the principal around to block the three abdomen parts. Otherwise, Zhao Li really has no way to control the huge centrifugal force caused by high-speed rotation, which brings the qi out of control. However, every time when it is out of control, the powerful qi of the principal will firmly constrain the scope of abdomen.
After all, Zhao Li was only glad that the principal’s true spirit failed to capture Zhao Li Dantian, but Zhao Li tried to shake the principal’s true spirit for several days.
However, Zhao Li is not discouraged, but still controls the true qi with one heart and one mind. Zhao Li has not calculated the current speed, and there is no need to calculate it. However, Zhao Li seems to be determined that this method can achieve the effect and is generally persistent.
Everything comes to him who waits. Zhao Li controls the qi rotation for a week. Suddenly, he feels that the principal is blocking the abdomen. There is a little bit of qi that is very rare among his own qi, but that kind of foreign qi that is completely different from Zhao Li’s own qi enters the abdomen quickly brings a little strange feeling to Zhao Li.
The method had an effect, but Zhao Li was not surprised that only a trace of foreign qi quickly turned into a fine spiral with Zhao Li’s qi and grace, and then broke out
Suddenly, like acupuncture pain, Zhao Li instantly woke up and forced himself to control his true qi rotation, only to find that this trace of true qi seemed to be endless, as if it had brought Zhao Li a continuous tingling sensation from the principal’s blocked true qi.
Zhao Li-nao jerked a tingle and decisively controlled his true qi to rotate slowly to stimulate continuously. It should be because the true qi at that speed will constantly wash away the principal’s true qi. If the speed is slow, it should impact the principal’s true qi.
Sure enough, there is nothing wrong with Zhao Li’s idea. There is no backup, and then it is swallowed up by Zhao Li’s rotating qi. But even so, it still makes Zhao Li feel a little painful for a while. It is not so easy to integrate the level master qi.
When this trace of qi was completely merged by Zhao Li, Zhao Libai really found a way, but the poor trace of qi was almost nine Niu Yi hairs compared with the principal’s stranded Zhao stereoscopic qi, even if he found a way to solve all the troubles, it would not happen overnight.
But in any case, there is hope and encouragement. Zhao Li has verified that his method is effective and made a new round of attempts. After all, although this method can clear the qi near the abdomen bit by bit, it is not necessarily as well controlled as the abdomen in his meridians.
The new method is that Zhao Li tries to turn his true qi into a true qi drill to plug the principal’s true qi in his meridians and penetrate a small hole. It is not a big problem to connect the three dantian fields properly, and then the small Sunday meridians can be opened on this basis, and then the big Sunday meridians can be opened bit by bit.
It’s a good idea, but it still encounters great difficulties in practice. Now Zhao Li has been able to determine what kind of rotation speed can shake the principal’s true spirit, but it still needs a hard process to achieve it accurately in the meridians
In the next month, Zhao Li spent all his time practicing except eating and solving his physical problems. When he finally felt that it had been a long time and needed him to go out to deal with some things, Zhao Li finally got through the three meridians in the abdomen bit by bit. Although a small hole was drilled in the huge qi of the principal, it was able to make Zhao Li’s own qi circulate in this small hole.
For more than a month, Zhao Li’s official documents have accumulated a pile, but Zhao Lixin, Li Mengdie and Christine have both returned to their genius school a few days ago and stayed for a whole month.
"Zhao Li!" As soon as Li Mengdie saw Zhao Li, he jumped into his arms. He didn’t care about others’ eyes. The anxiety in her eyes seemed to have known that Zhao Li had troubled Zhao Li for a long time before she calmed down.
"Christine!" Seeing Christine looking at Zhao Li all the time, I don’t know how to appease Li Mengdie and also gave Christine a big hug.
Christine, who was enthusiastic about Zhao Li, seemed a little surprised. Li Mengdie saw that there was nothing unusual about her, indicating that Christine just closed her eyes and enjoyed Zhao Li’s hug.
"Zhao Li should meet your personal guard first!" Before Zhao Li asked them about their experience this month, Christine had woken up.
"Private guards? Where can I get a private guard? " Zhao Li asked Christine strangely, even those prisoners said it wasn’t Zhao Li’s personal guard, right?
"The principal specially recruited ten outstanding graduates to form your personal guard," Christine explained to Zhao Li. "This is a small compensation!"
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"compensation? Private guard? " When Zhao Li heard Christine’s words, her face was incredible. "Christine, which officer who is still in military service will have a private guard?"
"No, but there is no catch that says no!" Christine was a little worried about squeezing out a smile. "You’re … in a bad situation."
"I have someone to protect me." Zhao Li shook his head. He would rather trust the prisoners than the headmaster of the gifted school. "Are they here to protect me or to spy on me?"
"I’m enough to keep an eye on you." Christine leaned forward to let Zhao Li feel the amazing elasticity of her body at close range. "They have been ordered by the principal and ordered by you alone in this life. No one can order them again. This is your private guard!"
"Batroc Christine" Zhao Li can’t help but wake up Christine "I still have a military status. When I went to see my chief, did I show them off with a group of followers that I had several outstanding talents from genius schools to form a private guard? It’s better to have you and Adie! "
Zhao Li is telling the truth. If the genius school is a stranger, it is better to ask Li Mengdie and Christine to make Zhao Li wonder that Christine is so affectionate with him. There is nothing next to Li Mengdie to show that this is abnormal. Is it because Li Mengdie is under any pressure?
"Butterfly, what’s wrong with you? Why don’t you talk? " Zhao Lixian discovered the change of Li Mengdie and hurriedly asked, "Did they give you any pressure?"
"no!" Li Mengdie shook her head. Unlike Kristin, she wouldn’t hide her thoughts. Although she denied it in her mouth, her face betrayed her thoughts by hiding her worries.
"Do you think I won’t have a chance to get up again?" Zhao Li smiled confidently and pulled Li Mengdie into his arms. "Let me show you!"
After Zhao Li hugged Li Mengdie’s waist, she was about to turn around, but it seemed as if she remembered something. She turned around and pulled Christine into her arms and whispered in her ear, "You go and tell the old guy that I want you and Adie, but I don’t want others!"
"Do you dare to want me?" Christine Zhao Li’s arms gently smiled with a slight hint of surprise. Li Mengdie was close to her chest and almost reached Zhao Li’s chest with a little provocation in her eyes.
"Why not?" Zhao Li held Li Mengdie tightly in one hand, but with the other hand, she gently took Christine’s thin waist and made a slight effort to pull her closer. Then Zhao Li took one look at Li Mengdie and gave her a reassuring smile, then suddenly turned her head and kissed Christine’s trembling lips heavily.
I had a good taste of Christine’s ecstasy. french kiss Zhao Licai let Christine go. She straightened up with her right hand. Christine lured her hips and patted them to her ear again and again. "Go ahead and tell the old guy to come back and be my concubine!" Let Christine go and hug Li Mengdie, laughing and leaving Christine clutching her lips, watching Zhao Li fade away with a lightly chastising look.
Not far away, Saunders and James Song are just there gaping at this scene.
"See? See? " James communicated with the two inmates next to him in an admiring tone. "I told you that Zhao Li can kill two birds with one stone. See? See? Seduce the little wife in front of the first wife, hug this and kiss that mouth. Did you ever call yourself a veteran of the flowers? "
"I miss my old man’s house …" Song distance was dumbfounded, but it must not be soft-spoken and interrupted by Sanders next to him.
"Old Song, how many girls have you picked up are top students in gifted schools and each one is better than you?" Saunders let the song distance completely shut up in one sentence.
The three people said that their voices were not high, but Christine could definitely hear them not far away, watching Zhao Li and Li Mengdie disappear. Christine turned to face the three people and slowly came over full of temptation. "Do you want me to introduce you to some school sisters?"
"Good!" James Sanders and Christine get along for a long time, and everyone’s jokes are unruly, but jokes are jokes, but none of them are fascinated by Christine except appreciation.
"I wonder who you really are?" For the first time, Christine asked this sentence in front of them, "I can not be influenced at all, and my martial arts is still so high, but everyone just hears it silently."
"We’ll tell you when you bring us your sister and come back to be Xiao Zhao’s little wife!" James laughed wildly and turned away from the two people laughing.
"Zhao Li, do you comfort me?" Entering Zhao Li’s closed room, Li Mengdie couldn’t help but suddenly embrace Zhao Li and cry without the iceberg beauty before.
"How come, Butterfly, you listen to me?" Zhao Li patted Li Mengdie’s shoulder and comforted him gently. "I found a way to help me if I need a little, but maybe I can hurry up with your help."
"How can I help?" Just say that finish this sentence, Li Mengdie realized what his face turned red and gently gave Zhao Li a punch and buried his head in Zhao Li’s chest. He never dared to lift Zhao Li’s heart and hug Li Mengdie. Neither of them spoke.
"Zhao Li, if you really like Christine’s words …" It took a long time for Li Mengdie to slowly raise her head and rest on Zhao Li’s shoulder. She finally bit her lip. "If you really like her and she likes you, I don’t care!"
"Fool, I like you!" Zhao Li hugged Li Mengdie tighter. "Do you really like Christine?"
"I don’t know, but she is really different from you." Li Mengdie seemed to recall the change of attitude before and after a gram of Christine and smiled. "Maybe she is willing to be you … your concubine!"
"Then I can’t bear to accept her." Zhao Li ha ha smiled and picked up Li Mengdie’s whole tasikmalaya. Although Fa Yungong, pure physical strength still picked up Li Mengdie’s charming soft body, which was still effortless.
"What for?" Li Mengdie is still a little worried about what’s wrong with Zhao Li. It is estimated that Zhao Li said in her heart that finding a way is to comfort her. After all, Li Mengdie, the principal, has seen that Zhao Li has not yet reached the level of repair. It is almost impossible to break through the blockage of the principal’s true qi.
"See if you can help?" Zhao Li Xi Xi smiled and Li Meng Butterfly had already missed it for such a long time. Of course, we should have a good taste.
At the beginning of sex, Li Mengdie looked flushed, but her spirit seemed to be very healthy. It seemed that she didn’t want to say a word in Zhao Lihuai’s arms.
"Don’t talk, feel the true spirit of a principal." Zhao Like doesn’t want Li Mengdie to miss this best feeling opportunity. How can others miss Li Mengdie when they have given the opportunity?
"hmm!" Li Mengdie closed her eyes and thought slowly. Anyway, it is meaningless to practice any posture at this point. Even this ambiguous posture can still do a lot of things.
Not surprisingly, Li Mengdie’s body showed that kind of suction again at the climax. However, Li Mengdie’s skill is still insufficient for the principal’s qi which is several levels higher than Li Mengdie’s. Although the method absorbs the qi from Zhao Stereo, the instantaneous resistance also makes Li Mengdie clearly feel some characteristics of that high-level qi, which has very important reference value for Li Mengdie to rush to a higher level.
Put Li Mengdie away gently and told her to have a good feeling by herself. Zhao Li once again left the closed room and just came out. When I think about it carefully, I find that I haven’t seen Ban Yunchan for a long time. I haven’t seen her since I left the genius school. I don’t know what Zhao Li seems to have a little inexplicable fear in my heart. She also seems to be worried that Ban Yunchan looks grander than Zhao Li’s eyes, but they are crumbling.
"Class elder sister? Why haven’t you seen her recently? " Zhao Li asked Song Li.
"Didn’t you promise to allow her to help us invest?" Song Li glanced at Zhao Li and seemed to wonder why it took him so long to remember that Ban Yunchan "has been busy with these things recently."
"investment? What is the result? " Zhao Li casually asked, if she doesn’t break into the banking department, she can invest properly. She can play whatever she wants. Anyway, she has failed to invest money for 10 thousand times, and she is still the richest person in the world.
"Not so good, I earned more than twice as much. I didn’t sell drugs and arms!" Song from a face of dissatisfaction rightfully spit out a big smoke turn and let Zhao Li almost give him a thought that he might beat him now, but he still endured it.

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