After both players entered Summoner’s Canyon, ES didn’t choose to play the first-class team with IG, and the fighting capacity of both first-class teams was not very strong.

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However, if it really fights, IG may still be dominant. If there is a reduction in combat and two or three crops are harvested by Lissandra’s passive ice explosion, it is definitely something ES can’t afford.
Therefore, both sides in this game choose the normal game. Both the male gun and the leopard girl are half-field, and the two wild bases are mirrored and synchronized.
Even it was almost three minutes ago, when the man finished the gun and the leopard girl just got the red BUFF, the difference was only a few seconds.
Neither of the two wild men ate the stone, but the red side had the advantage that Casa could squat down the road and brush off the stone man at the same time, while Xiao Leyan’s male gun could just watch.
The alignment of the road is not good at this time. Although Kennan had a long hand in the early stage, 369 didn’t dare to suppress heshy Silas, but he wanted to be strong, but his combat effectiveness was insufficient in the early stage.
It’s a little difficult for the chain to be thrown to Kennan, but unconsciously Silas passively pushed the line of soldiers, which gave the leopard girl Gank a chance
Xiaoleyan also realized this and chose the road to do anti-squatting, but the wily Casa didn’t choose to do it.
It’s not easy to catch Kennan and Leopard Lady in this game. There is no cooperation between them, and both of them are AP injuries. It’s a little difficult to catch Silas.
Therefore, after eating the stone man, Casa Leopard decided to go to the river to control crabs instead of catching heshy. Casa knew that if she wanted to start the game in the early stage, she had to ensure her economic leadership.
ES is not the same as SN, and Casa and Sf are not the same type of players. Casa is able to take on the wild nuclear game, and Casa is good at wild nuclear development and resource control.
However, his physical character can’t bear the weight of Carey in the late wild nuclear race, and it’s not a big problem because his left hand can bear the weight of Carey in the late wild nuclear race.
However, that’s the problem. The whole ES wild nucleus presents a bad smell. It seems that the strategy of ES wild nucleus is that Casa’s left hand will take over the game with Casa in the early stage of development and resource control.
But the key is that there are some inconsistencies in this tactic. If you are facing some weak teams and can’t seize the ES opportunity, when the game situation transitions to the middle and late stage, Casa and his left hand can really take over the game.
But in the face of strong pressure, the mid-term rhythm of ES will be broken, that is, Casa and his left hand will hand over the game, and no one can come out of ES during the transition period.
If something goes wrong at this time, ES may be ruined. In the semi-final between the bureau and JDG, ES lost both games in this way.
The remaining three games won were all won by ES choosing Ban position to limit Kanavi’s wild nuclear play and let Casa take over the game with rhythm in the early stage until the middle stage of his left hand.
JDG lost the game and felt very wronged, because ES made the method that coach Redmi used to deal with the IG wild nuclear hero to limit the little fun and let his own team drive the rhythm in the early stage of playing wild.
Trying to let their own players take over the game in the medium term, but coach Redmi didn’t expect him to fall into his own hands.
JDG’s strongest tactic is the wild nuclear body, and choosing to limit the wild nuclear body is a great loss for JDG.
For IG and ES, Ban’s dropping the wild nucleus makes them helpless, and the mainstream array is more affected than JDG.
After all, it is obvious that ES is bigger than JDG, so JDG lost to ES in the semi-final.
Now, in the finals, the talent of IG three-line players is crushing ESLPL, which is such a strict hierarchy. This situation makes it impossible for White Crescent to continue to restrict wild nuclear play to deal with IG.
The very white crescent moon also thought that if I could pull IG to the wild nucleus rhythm and make IG lose its line ability, it would be best for Rkie to choose a card or a hero ES like Gariod to win the game.
However, Yun Ge’s improper competition has already decided to deal with ES decision before Yun Ge, that is, let Rkie line suppress the development of left hand.
This is the most important decision of the IG Finals, and the priority is much higher than that of Xiaoleyan Wild Nucleus. After all, Yun Ge chose Xiaoleyan to play wild nucleus, which also made it easier for IG to win.
Now we know that there is an easier way for Rkie to suppress the left-handed IG and win the game easily. Yun Ge will never be stubborn to show the bottom of the IG closet.
For example, before IG, JDG specially prepared tactics, and Yun Ge didn’t take it out for ES to make plans. Even if it is not in the World Cup, these tactical bodies will not be outdated, and maybe they will become IG killers.
Yun Ge said before that it was no joke to think about the world series. Yun Ge really didn’t intend to expose too much in this LPL finals, because the opponents of the world series certainly didn’t have time to watch the IG regular season one by one.
The LPL Summer Finals is the most important reference for the opponents in the World Cup. It would be great for Yun Ge to give them some misleading information.
The picture turned to the game again. Although Casa didn’t go to catch heshy immediately, the leopard girl immediately ran to the middle of the road to help her left wrist untie the thread after eating the river crab.
Although Lissandra couldn’t consume too much wrist blood, Rkie managed to suppress the left hand Lissandra’s skill of clearing the soldiers and leveling the A-point wrist smooth exercise and skill release timing, which made the left hand line-up like falling into a quagmire.
I didn’t expect the wrist hero to be so hard before he matched the line with Rkie. When he practiced the wrist hero before, many professional players and passers-by Master Wang heroes didn’t have Rkie’s restraining power.
This kind of control over the details of the line shows a sense of distance to Lissandra, so that the left wrist Hao Gen can’t get close. Once the E skill drops, Hao Hao will be chased and beaten by Lissandra.
Even though the wrist’s blood volume is far from Lissandra’s killing line, the left hand still feels very uncomfortable. It is still very heart to see that Casa Leopard can come to help untie the line.
If I didn’t have to choose my left hand, I really didn’t want to fight a sharp opponent like Rkie. He is a player who is good at aligning, but he is still playing with applause like a rookie in the face of Rkie’s high pressure alignment.
Casa and his left hand don’t have much interest in Lissandra in the middle. If Rkie holds E in his hand, even if the wrist hero can flash to Lissandra first, there is no way to finish the kill.
It is enough for ES to be able to free the wrist hero from the middle road. The sideline and wild leopard girl and wrist hero are not the combination of the main line in ES.
Chapter four hundred Gua array is trapped in the music.
After liberating wrist Hao from the middle road in four and a half minutes, Casa took his left hand and rushed to the half-zone, successfully repelling the desire to eat half-zone river crabs.
The male gun can choose to eat the stone in the half area in the face of ES nakano linkage, and Xiao Leyan continues to bury his head in the wild area, and there is no way to help Ah Shui squat.
After losing the crab, Xiao Leyan knew that her development had fallen behind, so she chose to focus on her own development.
After helping Casa grab the crab with his left hand, he returned to the middle of the road. Casa didn’t have any way to get into trouble with Ah Shui.
ES wants to grasp the ability to rise to the sixth level, and only when it has a big move can it enter the field to control, otherwise there will be no first-hand control after the combination in ES.
Casa’s left hand helped successfully play the advantage of the wild area. After brushing the wild monsters in the half area, Li Xiaoleyan successfully stole the first little dragon when he went to the half area.
"Casa Leopard Girl was very active and successful in the early stage, and Xiaoleyan got the first little dragon in front, which is rare in the IG competition."
Guan Zeyuan gave a high evaluation of Casa Leopard’s early performance. After all, it is the first match in the finals. ES’s preemptive strike will definitely make this round of competition more exciting.
Moreover, Guan Zeyuan said that it is also true that few teams can control Xiaolong in the early stage against IG. Because of the advantage of the line in IG, there is no way to take Xiaolong because there is no line to play wild.
On the contrary, Xiaoleyan can easily control the dragon, and he is not afraid of being discovered by his opponent. Because the main two sides fight together, IG support must be in place first.
Even if you can’t come, you can keep an eye on your opponents, especially at present, this team, which is biased towards Nakano Road, rarely confronts IG.
"ES made a very clever decision in the early stage, and Casa also knows that it is very difficult for him to get the first little dragon with normal alignment."
"There is no line between the two roads in ES and IG, but Casa successfully created a dragon-taking opportunity through a small wave of linkage with his left hand through a wave of middle walk in the early stage."
Miller has a thorough insight into the situation. He can see the impact of Casa’s previous actions. The doll and Guan Zeyuan can’t help but nod their heads when they hear this.
Although Casa Leopard Girl seems to have controlled the double river crab, she didn’t lead Xiaoleyan in the development of male guns, but it was the leopard girl who successfully untied the line and made ES win the first little dragon in the competition.
It’s hard to get the line when you come to the left-hand middle road to play Ashui on RkieES Road, but Casa first helps wrist Hao through the line and then puts pressure on the road through wrist Hao.

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