However, some extreme attributes, such as extreme sun, thunder and fire, frost and so on, are likely to cause hundreds of millions of miles of dry land, polar ice, and so on, and the consequences can be described as a change of color.

Therefore, it is almost impossible to make this happen when you are in charge of heaven and earth to suppress the virtual universe. "It seems that I must go and have a look …" …… It is from the virtual adventure that people escape from Yuanheng. "Damn it, I knew this imperfect method was still […]

"Wu Xuan period of Warcraft Dan thirteen tongtian period of Warcraft two harvest these days should be enough for me to live here for a while." The number in my heart during this period of harvest Xu Shao corners of the mouth smile more and more strong.

And when Xu Shao was proud, huā spotted leopard roared repeatedly, but his sharp claws were flying in bloody pieces, tearing up the heavenly python. Looking at huā spotted leopard with great interest, Xu Shao couldn’t help but criticise the "you are still a greedy guy" Laugh, "Xu Shao is in huā spotted leopard’s expectation […]

However, this excreta pigment can cultivate dragon saliva fruit, but this method of cultivating dragon saliva fruit has long since lost its owner. If there is no real dragon, so is this method of cultivating dragon saliva fruit.

The grass in front of Meng Qi is of course not a dragon’s saliva fruit. If it is a dragon’s saliva fruit, the majestic aura alone will attract people from the whole cultivation world. Needless to say, I’m afraid even a small mountain can not cover up this small cave. In front of Meng Qi, […]

"Good ha ha ….." Hsuanchan said with another fierce burst of laughter. When he finally became angry from embarrassment, he suddenly stopped laughing, but his face did not seem a little painful.

For a long time, Hsuanchan’s face was almost as red as the epiphysis, but suddenly he put out his hand on the epiphysis shoulder and startled him. Then he stretched out his other hand and said, "How about the boss give me a few?" I don’t have much Dan medicine, and they are all ordinary […]