Miao Dajun fought back to see that the villain was black and blue, and he punched the horn. Suddenly Miao Dajun pulled out a sharp knife and stabbed Pi two dog in the stomach.

Tian Huili Xiang was scared and shouted, "Boss Dao!" Just at that moment, you will pierce two dog’s belly if you swing the blade. Pi two dog’s body suddenly became indestructible when it was filled with five claws, and when the five claws met the sharp knife, the sharp knife was kneaded into a twist. […]

After that, we were blessed by Konoha and lived a fairly peaceful life until one day we received a letter from princess royal asking the family to send another person to Konoha to become the second generation of pillar force.

The little princess went to konoha. To be precise, konoha sent a four-person group to come to our family to pick up the little princess to konoha. It was this four-person group that left a disaster for our whirlpool family. " "Who is the quartet?" "Once the second generation of adults had three hands with […]

When I heard Luo Guotou’s urgent opening, I always knew why Grandma stopped me from killing Luo Guotou immediately. I knew that every conversation between Grandma and Luo Guotou was meaningful.

After Luo Guotou’s words were exported, I stopped giving Luo Guotou a chance to speak, which immediately made him and the ghost stunned. As soon as I finished these moves, my grandmother asked me to instantly turn into a Luo Guo Tou, a Luo Guo Tou Yin, and then give me a black token from […]

"Those who drop don’t kill!"

Mountain calls and tsunami sounds come from all directions. Hu Si, who has to distinguish between them, hurriedly threw away his weapon and begged for mercy. In 1223, the morale of the Jin army had already collapsed, and soon the battlefield was full of surrenders. There are many aristocratic brothers, Famai, who fled to the […]

It doesn’t matter either.

And seven nights seems to have to react scratching his head and looking at the surrounding environment. "How did I get here?" It’s already outside the school garden, and I didn’t notice it. It seems that walking behind can’t distract me. Otherwise, what if you get hit by a car and cross it? You know, […]

"well! Pei Lin is all my fault. These cataclysmic missiles may not have to be Phantom of the Opera. It has accumulated enough energy to prepare for the Elves, and it will definitely stop us. "

"No, you can’t underestimate the layout of the Elf King for three thousand years. You must have a heavyweight Phantom of the Opera in your hand. Even if you have strong defense, you are afraid of accidents." Hearing this, Lin momo patted his forehead, and Pei Lin became more and more stubborn like most founders. […]