It is natural to have a detached Jia Xu to discuss these things with him. Just because you can see the problem does not mean that there is a solution. Liu Cong has always been generous in asking for advice.

However, Jia Xu, the old fox, is really slippery, leaving no hand to say "out of kindness" and blocking the bretz. Two people silently walked to a pavilion to sit bretz now also figured it out that Jia Xu had his own difficulties in doing so. Since he didn’t want to get involved in trouble, […]

"… who is it …"

A muffled thunder sounded. The white skeleton suddenly pulled the chain that locked the hands and feet and made a clatter. Its skeleton released a dazzling blue ray. Although it was not close, it could be sensed that the blue ray contained devastating terrorist energy. Unfortunately, it was suppressed by the blue spell seal. This […]

"This is it!"

In front of this small valley, there is a relatively flat ground, and in the center, there is a stone tablet that looks simple and simple and covered with moss. When he looks at this stone tablet, some phase information comes to mind immediately. "Tree Precision Forest Monument" This is a typical stone tablet in […]

Yang You saw that she was really hungry, so he told Qian Shan Dugu to call someone to bring rice porridge to Yang You. At this time, was also hungry. Two people sat at the square table and drank rice porridge.

Yang You asked this from time to time to know what had happened. Yang You loved her feelings for her father, which was naturally kind and comforting. She said that King Xia would be very touched by the red line in his heart, and their feelings also made some progress. After drinking rice porridge, the […]

Chapter 15 member huge rise!

Dahuangta work hall At this time, the service hall is already full of people. The bustling crowd is at least four or five hundred. This number is not a small crowd for a college with a grade of about 1000 people and a total of 10,000 students but no more than 6,000 students. There will […]

"yes, sir."

Butler Lin came to the door and immediately shouted, "Is this a scandal on the wedding day?" "Manager Lin is so small." After hearing this, Mr. Lin immediately went back and reported to Mr. Li. Mr. W said, "Come in as a gift." "yes, sir." So one person and one cow went into the house, […]