"… who is it …"

A muffled thunder sounded. The white skeleton suddenly pulled the chain that locked the hands and feet and made a clatter. Its skeleton released a dazzling blue ray. Although it was not close, it could be sensed that the blue ray contained devastating terrorist energy. Unfortunately, it was suppressed by the blue spell seal. This […]

The more you think about it, the more angry you are, and forget it. But the shooting location is a road to making money. You must not let others rob him. You must find out the boss and see if he has turned against others and denied his own desires.

"Show me your mobile phone and let me see who the sender is." Longyou walked to Chloe with a black face and said in a bad tone. "Oh" Miranda Kerr should be a light is darling handed the phone to Longyou. Unlike Longyou’s black face, Miranda Kerr and Zhang Chuer flashed a sly look in […]

This is their dragon clan relic, and now it may cause a fight for this kind of thing. It’s not before, but it’s not now. Once this thing is really free to fight for it, no one will be polite.

When the time comes, force will decide the outcome, and whoever has a hard fist will be the one. And Wen Tao’s side Warning or do they really have a way? Wentao’s first reaction was that he felt wrong. Chunyang’s telling this story dealt a blow to the mystery before Wentao, and also made it […]

"I’m your fan." Han Bing took out his mobile phone and tried to co-shoot a picture with Lin Jin. "I saw your video on side A and later showed it to some friends. They all became your fans."

"A fan?" Lin Jin frowned and thought for a moment, then a straight face relaxed a little. "It turned out to be ACER. That’s ok." What, you sound strange? "No wonder it is said that I didn’t think it was consistent with this statement when aer saw those handsome guys on average." Lin Jin asked […]

"adoptive mother!" I haven’t finished yet. I finally didn’t mistake one for another at close range. lady white snake suddenly closed his hands and shouted with sincerity.

Poof! Very good and powerful. In an instant, a human body turned into a humanoid fountain, and I don’t know who took the lead. Dozens of pairs of eyes suddenly focused neatly on Chijie’s body. In the eyes of the public, the red sister was stupefied, and the original white jade and delicate jade trembled […]

Shao Suyu, at present, several lords have excessive attack power but insufficient control.

The emergence of "Emperor’s coercion" skill made Su Yu master the control skill, but unfortunately this skill needs Su Yu’s own strength foundation. 如果苏羽体实力强这是一个强对弱神技!如果苏羽体实力太弱这么技能压根没什么! 是一个秒杀弱者神级但是对于同级战和越级挑战来说别指望了! 总得来说这技能虽然看似有点鸡肋了但也总什么都没有要来好 苏羽是一个较易满足人 正当他准备收起统面板时候统另一道示音响起了 【滴!侦测到宿主实力过低领地等级过高!启限制修炼!强制进行灵气灌输!强制让宿主进入限制修炼!】 机械统音响起让苏羽登时一愣 “统你什么意思?” 苏羽这句话还没说完一股黑暗涌眼前他整个人都陷入了昏迷 391第391章 宿主你需要吗? 苏羽觉得自己脑袋昏昏沉沉随后不知道过了多久才从黑暗苏醒 睁眼四周都是黑漆漆一片伸手不见五指 “这里是哪里?” 苏羽眉头一皱他能清晰感觉到自己脚踩凹凸不平土地有微风吹过感觉但是却什么都看不见 苏羽记得自己昏迷前好像是被统强制性带到了一个地方? 限制修炼? 这是什么鬼地方! “统你给我出来!这里是哪里!” 苏羽低喝了一表情铁青一片堂堂人族大帝竟然被统给“强”了? 这是苏羽绝对法接受事情! 这代表着统拥有着他不可掌控因素! 【滴!宿主这里是限制修炼是专门给宿主修炼地方】 The stereo said nonsense. Su Yu’s face is still […]