"yes, sir."

Butler Lin came to the door and immediately shouted, "Is this a scandal on the wedding day?" "Manager Lin is so small." After hearing this, Mr. Lin immediately went back and reported to Mr. Li. Mr. W said, "Come in as a gift." "yes, sir." So one person and one cow went into the house, […]

This is … Maya bug?

The fluffy ball flew over at once and found that the bug was constantly radiating a lot of signals around it. It didn’t respond to the arrival of the fluffy ball and kept sending signals there. Lynn thought it might be Maya. They … managed to get into the brain dream, but they didn’t come […]

Li Xiangkui nodded and continued to ask, "Is it mainly because the commercial law was sold out, which caused a large number of merchants to hoard, which led to a huge impact on the whole business?"

"Yes, this time I went to Central China to solve this problem. The person in charge of purchasing there is an old friend of mine, who must be able to help me! Otherwise, all business activities can’t run normally. " The vice-president sighed sadly. Recently, because he was busy with this matter, the whole person […]

At this moment, reason and wisdom become extremely weak, so that the teenager is aware of this paradoxical phenomenon, and his body is driven by emotion to move step by step in the direction of the door

Suddenly, there was a thunderbolt in my mind, as if a strong current had directly hit my brain, and the sun was holding my head in pain and whispering. Fortunately, this pain came and went quickly. When he shook his head and raised his head again, where was the mother in the door? There is […]

So the level is the real god.

Facing the present situation, Antoine’s land source deeply felt the gap between diamond level and saying level. This is the result of Antoine being limited by half of the French circle. And this is not to mention the consumption of Antoine that has been sealed for thousands of years. If it is a complete Antoine, […]

It’s like the blue bar in the game

The terror of the diamond-class strong lies in their ability to mobilize all spiritual forces in their surroundings. Achieve the effect of limiting the blue bar in similar games. It is this special state of blessing. Leading the diamond-level strong to display a lot of powerful skills. But when the advantage of the blue bar […]