By the time it was daylight, these stuffed white skeleton dragons all got together and said some strange words in front of their bodies, most of which were’ ga’

White skeleton dragon has no very detailed language sample … When they finished speaking, they left all the bodies there, and they all went back to their own huts as if they were living a normal life. After two days and nights, these white skeleton dragons broke all the other circles, and after that, they […]

When Xia Chaoyang saw that his brother’s injury was gradually recovering, he was relieved to rise up and guard the Baiyun Tower next to Brother Da Lian, and slowly put the gods into the body. The bone pain and tingling sensation came alternately.

I have suffered from the pain of immortal fire and exercise before, so that Baiyun Tower has some experience to relieve the pain. I have the power to explore the surrounding movements to relieve the pain. The exploration of divine knowledge is a little different. Looking up at the clouds, I said, "When the elder […]

Bengyue was not really impatient, but when her seal was further lifted, she felt a force similar to her body seal appeared in the distance. She felt danger, and she didn’t want to be sealed again. She didn’t want to live in the dark again.

Won the month more think more annoying finally left the hall of cutting. "Courtesy and farewell" sounded as the moon won, and then the civil and military officials gradually left Civil and military officials are chatting with each other when they are away from the road, which seems like a deep feeling. In fact, the […]